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Ezrah Stories

A Life Saved, A Family Healed

  "Carol's" parents are divorced. Her father remarried and moved across the country; however, he and his new wife, Carol's step-mother, are very loving, involved and “hands on” parents who always look forward to and welcome Carol's summer and school vacation visits....

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A Single Mother No Longer Alone

  “Debbie”, the single (divorced) mother of three who walked into our offices for that first meeting was an emotionally fragile, lost soul who felt abandoned by the world, and the Project Ezrah team immediately realized that there was much more to Debbie's story than...

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New Career Paths: Better Life Paths

  “David”, “Jennifer” and their children live in Bergen County. “We began a new, better, chapter in our lives with the help of Project EZRAH,” David explained during a recent interview.  “I had worked in a profession that I loved for 25 years and had finally reached a...

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Project Ezrah has addressed many unusual and atypical issues in working with families seeking insight or a key to solving their situations or difficulties. No two cases are alike; each family is unique, each family has its own specifics, and each family’s individual issues must be addressed. Through our experience, we have found that the best and most productive approach is a “global view,” one that takes all particulars of a family’s dynamics and financial situation into consideration. We have been rewarded, and have partnered with our clients on the road to success. We find it hard to say “no” but we have never regretted taking the time to offer our hand in help when needed.