Financial Assistance​


Our goal: To help every family become self-sufficient. You are unique, and your situation is unique. Based on each family’s specific circumstances, Ezrah provides three levels of support.

The Partner Program

The Need: You’re struggling to pay for even the bare necessities. There’s a major monthly deficit between income and expenses. You’re swimming in debt.

How We Help: After a thorough assessment, our financial managers temporarily assume control of your finances, creating a budget and paying for the essentials. From there, counselors will create a personalized plan of action, guiding and supporting you as you become financially stable.

The Boost Program

The Need: Your situation is challenging but not dire. You need budgeting help and some temporary financial assistance until you get back on your feet.

How We Help: Ezrah counselors assess your budgeting and spending patterns, covering outstanding bills and creating a plan that helps you stay within a realistic budget.

The Spark Program

The Need: You’re paying your basic bills but can’t cover big or unexpected expenses; you’re not sure what kind of services you’re eligible for and need help navigating the system.

How We Help: Ezrah assesses your situation and helps connect you to eligible services, both outside the community and within our wide network of pro bono service providers, from mental health professionals to dentists.