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Leadership Council With Community Event

Project Ezrah Launches Young Leadership Council With Community Event

By Doron Greenspan | July 15, 2021 

On a warm summer night a few weeks ago, I dialed into a Zoom meeting to learn more about a local organization that I’d heard of but didn’t really know the extent of what they did. At the risk of being overly dramatic, I’m grateful I dialed into that call because what I learned that night was life-changing.

The call itself was an introductory call for the members of the Project Ezrah Youth Leadership Council (YLC)—a group of individuals from all over Bergen County who care about giving back to our community. The goal of the council is to both spread awareness and grow the impact of the incredible work that Project Ezrah does.

I learned so much that night about the incredible chesed that is performed, quietly, respectfully and in the most dignified manner for our neighborhood friends, neighbors and families. At the same time as I was becoming aware of the influence of Project Ezrah, I understood one of the challenges Project Ezrah faces—because the work they do is so private and done quietly, its programs lack community-wide awareness. Project Ezrah quietly holds up our community and provides a wide range of assistance to a vast number of people.

To that end, Project Ezrah YLC will be working throughout the year on various programs that will help educate and raise awareness of their programming.

In fact, YLC is launching with a great community event on August 11. The event is going to be a wonderful opportunity for community members to get together, mingle and enjoy a funny and entertaining show by hypnotist “Mr. Hypno,” all while learning about the work that Project Ezrah does and how we can all play a supporting role in helping others.

The event has been graciously sponsored by Cross River Bank and will taking place on August 11, at 8:00 p.m., at Keter Torah. It’s $60 per person, and in addition to the show you’ll receive fun swag and enjoy great food and an open bar. For more information and to buy tickets, go to

Hope to see you there!