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Ezrah Helps

EZRAH HELPS by finding employment opportunities for candidates seeking entry level to senior leadership positions.

EZRAH HELPS clients live financially responsible and self-sufficient lives by focusing on financial matters and budgeting issues.

Project Ezrah was formed in 2001 in response to the need of community members who were suffering from the international financial downturn. For these neighbors who were in dire need of help with basic and critical living expenses and/or personalized job search assistance, PROJECT EZRAH WAS THERE TO HELP.

Since its inception, Ezrah has meant HELP in various and meaningful ways to thousands of Bergen County’s community members. Project Ezrah’s success is seen clearly in the results and effects of its work: the majority of Project Ezrah Employment candidates find meaningful employment and every Financial Management and Assistance client is rewarded with a greater proficiency and understanding of financial budgeting and management.