Purim Packets: An easy way to fulfill two outof the four mitzvos of Purim!

Order deadline February 7th

Payment is required for orders to be processed. Due to limited quantities, demand and delivery routing, orders received after we sell out or after 4:00pm on February 7th (whichever comes first) will not be accepted.

Thank You!

Kol HaKavod to our wonderful community!

Your participation in Project EZRAH Purim Packet campaign was overwhelming!

Delivery orders are SOLD OUT! Email orders and online orders can no longer be accepted.

To be added to our Waiting List for Pickup Packets, please email [email protected] with your name and quantity requested. We will email you by 2/17/23 to let you know if we are able to fill the order.

The community's involvement in our Purim Campaign is a significant acknowledgment of the importance of the work we do to help our neighbors. If you were not able to order through us this year, we are genuinely sorry. Remember, though, YOU CAN STILL PARTICIPATE IN HELPING OUR NEIGHBORS BY SENDING IN A CHECK FOR MATANOS L'EVYONIM.

- The Project Ezrah family

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