Shoshana and Rabbi Chaim Poupko

Rabbi Chaim and Dr. Shoshana Poupko became the Senior Rabbi and Rebbetzin in 2017 following 14 years at Congregation Ahavath Torah holding positions of Rabbinic Intern, Assistant Rabbi, and Associate Rabbi. They are the proud parents of Ayelet, Elana, Chana ob”m, and Rachel. Rabbi Poupko grew up in Skokie, IL and attended the Skokie Yeshiva, Yeshivat Kerem B’Yavneh and Yeshiva University. Over the years, Rabbi Poupko has been involved in all segments of the community, speaking and teaching on a wide array of interests in Jewish thought and practice, coordinating shul programming, and caring for members of the community. Dr. Shoshana Poupko is a beloved teacher and counselor in the Englewood community. As the Rebbetzin, Dr. Poupko is an invaluable spiritual resource to women and families. She prepares many brides for their wedding, and young women for their Bat Mitzvah. Dr. Poupko currently works as a therapist at Achieve Behavioral Health in Monsey, NY. In her spare time, Dr. Poupko can be found gardening, playing tennis, kayaking, or reading books on positive psychology and mindfulness.