COVID-19 Financial Resources

Helpful links to financial assistance due to COVID-19.

Apply now:

Lost Wages Assistance Program:

Important information for certifying for weekly benefits due to the coronavirus emergency:  


COVID-19 scenarios and benefits available: 

Worker Benefits, Protections and the Coronavirus:

What NJ Workers Should Know:

The Unemployment Call Center:

It might take a while to get through. Be persistent in calling. 

  • North Jersey: 201-601-4100
  • Central Jersey: 732-761-2020
  • South Jersey: 856-507-2340

New Start Career Center:

Provides older (45+) long-term NJ job searchers with access to free, personalized career services, including web-based information resources and in-person and virtual career coaching. Become a member to access these resources and tools. 

Bergen County Job Center

Additional for New Jersey 1099, Self-Employed or Gig Employees:



Teaneck Business Owners:

Small Business Association Disaster Loan :

Facebook Small Business Loans:


The New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) has a portfolio of loan, financing, and technical assistance programs available to support small and medium-sized businesses.  More information on existing products and programs can be found on the NJEDA website: 

Mortgage forbearance and deferments are available to most homeowners. One should reach out directly to their lender to apply for these benefits. It is important to note that while a deferment may add three months to the end of your mortgage, a forbearance will very likely be expected to be repaid in full at the conclusion of the term. Experts are urging families to continue to try to pay as much as they can toward their mortgages. Governor Phil Murphy has not only forbidden landlords from evicting tenants at this time but has also enacted a law enabling landlords to use a tenant’s security deposit to pay toward their rental obligations. 

Emergency Rental Assistance Program | US Department of the Treasury

Many student loans will also postpone repayment at this time. The office of Federal Student Aid recommends that you contact your loan servicer as soon as possible, if you’re struggling to make payments.

The IRS will suspend all repayment plan agreements through July 15, 2020, if you have been affected by the virus.  

AMEXChase, and other banks will offer 60 days of no late fees or interest for those impacted by COVID-19, call your bank to find out if you are eligible and what terms will apply.

Any credit card balance that receives forbearance is likely to be frozen and future use will be suspended. Please plan accordingly, if you plan on requesting grace from your bank.

Even if your credit card issuer has not formally released a statement of support, if you are at risk of missing a payment it is worthwhile to contact the company to discuss your options. 

The FDIC advises on its website: “Your creditors will likely work with you on a solution, but it’s important to contact them as soon as possible and explain your situation.” PLEASE MAKE SURE TO INQUIRE AS TO ANY NEGATIVE IMPACT ON YOUR CREDIT REPORT THAT THIS MAY HAVE.  Anyone can now receive a weekly credit report from Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion until April 2021 at  The reason to be monitoring your credit report is to make sure none of the creditors report late or non-payment when in fact the creditor offered forbearance or deferment.


 AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Mint Mobile are offering unlimited data for users.

Most car leasing companies will give you a 3 month deferment to the end of your lease.  Most auto-insurers are automatically refunding customers up to 25% of their monthly premiums for the next few months as well. Contact your insurer to take advantage of this, if you don’t see that refund.