Budgeting for the Future

Budget and Investing for the Future

Join us March 15th at Lazy Bean Cafe for an informative class and light refreshments. Leah Duerr is the Head of ACH & RTP Partnership Management at Cross River. She joined Cross River in December 2021 and oversees a team of Partnership Managers in the Fintech Payments department. Together with her team, Leah manages relationships with some of Cross River’s largest clients, as well as startups, that utilize Cross River’s banking rails to send payments. Previously, she was a Director of Client Business Management at Payoneer Inc., where she formed the first US based team of Client Success Managers and helped increase their portfolio’s revenue by 230%. At Cross River, she cultivated a new Partnership Management team to nurture and expand relationships with our longstanding partners. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English, Communications and Business from Yeshiva University, Sy Syms School of Business. Fun fact: Leah previously worked for the Israeli Ministry of Defense where she served as a Senior Procurement Manager on behalf of the Army.