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Whom We Help

EZRAH HAS HELPED clients with a variety of issues, skill sets and financial needs. EZRAH HAS HELPED single parents, widowed and elderly retirees, young families and singles. EZRAH HAS HELPED families simply in need of direction.  EZRAH HAS HELPED couples in need of full financial oversight. EZRAH HAS HELPED keep families in their homes. EZRAH HAS HELPED families who, if it were not for Project Ezrah, would be destitute.  EZRAH HAS HELPED thousands of clients to turn their lives around.

Project Ezrah HELPS members of many communities by extending HANDS OF HELP to any qualified client; therefore, the client make up is diverse in affiliation, social group, education, residence, strengths and weaknesses. The issues affecting these clients are also quite varied and wide-ranging.

The neighborhoods of Bergenfield, Englewood, Fair Lawn, New Milford, Paramus, and Teaneck have been active partners in helping the organization.