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How We Help

EZRAH means HELP® to a family in stress

Project Ezrah helps families live within a financially responsible budget.

Our Help 

Clients are guided toward creating a self-sufficient lifestyle through a range of unique programs, tailored and personalized to address each family’s individual needs, weaknesses, strengths, inner dynamics and any life-style impediment that may interfere with the family’s ultimate goal: to be a contributing member of the community.

Whom We Help

Though effective, the programs are not undemanding: Prior to acceptance into the Financial Assistance program, a family must complete a detailed application process to ensure complete transparency. (see note below) The submitted documents are analyzed and the family’s need are then assessed and evaluated by a team of financial advisors and social workers. If the analysis fits within the program’s guidelines of acceptance, the family is invited to an initial meeting.

How We Help

The family’s financial analysis, along with a study of the family’s spending patterns, appropriate goals and creating the family’s individualized program are the meeting’s primary topics. Counselors then assess the family’s budgeting skills and management and create a viable budget which, initially, removes all discretionary expenses. Furthermore, the depth of the program is outlined. At this point, the family must consider if they wish to continue, and agree to abide by the detailed guidelines and to work hard toward their specifically outlined goals. Finally, counselors assess the family’s willingness/ability to work within the program.

Help Continues

Understanding that no two cases are identical in scope, support or management, Project Ezrah uniquely addresses each family’s specific and unique range of needs. Taking these into consideration, the counselor continues to work with the family helping them to manage and live within their specified and appropriate budget. The team continues to work with the family throughout the program creating and identifying attainable short term and long term goals while offering guidance and other assistance. Counselors focus on financial management skills and budget trimming tactics as well as any family dynamics or identified difficulty (e.g. underlying issues of low self esteem or apparent marital strife) that may impede success.

Marriage and/or individual therapeutic counseling may be discussed if deemed constructive. In such cases, Project Ezrah may refer clients to appropriate mental health care professionals. As needed, counselors advocate on behalf of the client to scholarship committees, government resources and health care professionals. Finally, when appropriate, the organization may help with financial assistance.

Counselors and social workers continue to monitor monthly expenses throughout the program. Families graduate with a stronger proficiency in budgeting and financial management.

Can We Help You?

Project Ezrah’s Financial Assistance team is ready to help you if you qualify as a client. All information is kept confidential and you can be assured of anonymity.

To apply for consideration of an application, please send a brief email describing your situation to: [email protected]. You will be contacted shortly thereafter.

NOTE: a detailed application process is required to ensure complete transparency of the family’s financial status. Prospective clients must submit 7 months information and substantiation: bank statements • cancelled checks • total monthly income • spending by category • credit card statements • lines of credit • mortgage payments • household expenses • medical expenses • equities • liabilities • most recent tax return