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Rabbi Yossie Stern ­ 1949-2014

Rabbi SternRABBI YOSSIE STERN, z”l, was an individual with a special vision and the incredible strength to implement it. Cases that walk through Project Ezrah’s doors are often heart wrenching; Rabbi Stern always listened, empathized and had the unique ability to methodically think through the situation at hand. Like an experienced doctor, his ability to read an individual and prescribe the right action was uncanny. For some it was his affectionate smile and for others a fatherly guiding hand. We miss him dearly, but he left so much behind to carry us forward. Rabbi Stern’s primary concern was the welfare of Project Ezrah and its clients; therefore, he ensured that well-being by creating an organization with a very capable and talented staff, a strong architecture and great procedural stability which has allowed us to continue to mean HELP to neighbors in need.