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Employment Services

EZRAH MEANS HELP® to a candidate seeking a meaningful and rewarding job.

The employment team’s combined 30 years experience enables them to identify and understand the needs of both employer and job seeker.

Job candidates benefit with:

  • Strong advocates who have close working relationships with employers and HR departments
  • Up-to-the-minute employment opportunities and advance notices of new openings
  • Resume revision, review and edits
  • Interview preparation, mock interviews
  • Job search strategy
  • Job lead referral
  • Network expansion/mentorship
  • Workshops/seminars
  • Membership in a LinkedIn group with over 1500 participants


Can Ezrah HELP you with your job search?

Please submit your current resume and 2 references to Jeff Mendelson, Director of Employment Services, [email protected]. Subsequent to a review of the above, you will be invited in for the initial meeting with the Employment team.

There is never a fee, for either the candidate or employer, for any of Project Ezrah’s employment services.